Chrysler Nassau Concept

From Chrysler press: The 2007 Chrysler Nassau concept, a four-door, four-passenger luxury coupe, combined refinement, function and style, and was intended to explore a new expression of the Chrysler brand. Though built on a full-size 120-inch wheelbase, the Nassau appears more visually compact than a comparable Chrysler 300C.

The shape was inspired and reminiscent of Constantin Brancusi’s famous Bird in Space sculptures. Brancusi, an artist based in Paris from the 1920s to the 1940s, was preoccupied by physical attributes of birds in flight, or more specifically, the essence of flight. Within the housing of the instrument panel (I/P) is a three-layer screen, which allows the simultaneous display of the navigation, passenger entertainment and vehicle function displays.

Gallery: Chrysler Nassau Concept