Chevrolet Camaro

Changes for 2000 were largely cosmetic in nature. Monterey Maroon Metallic was added as an optional color, similar to the previously-available Medium Patriot Red. The SS, however, was not available in this color. GM also changed the name of the previous paint color "black" to "ebony". Previously, all V8 cars had side mirrors painted in this black color. Starting in 2000, side mirrors on all cars were body colored. A new four-spoke steering wheel, as found in other GM models of the time, was introduced to replace the two-spoke steering wheel dating back to the 1993 cars. A new 10-spoke 16 in (41 cm) wheel became available, but the older 5-spokes were still optional. The 3.8L (231 ci) V6 and 5.7 L (346 ci) LS1 V8s continued with no changes.

Source: Wikipedia, 2013

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