Chevrolet SSR Concept

For decades, the Chevrolet "bowtie" has labeled spirited, functional cars and trucks. The SSR (super sport roadster) captures Chevy’s rich heritage in a new kind of crossover vehicle with an open air sports car feel and unparalleled storage and flexibility.

The SSR dons a power retractable hardtop, revealing an interior offering three-passenger capability. This is achieved through an innovative execution of the bench seat and integration of the shifter in the steering wheel, rather than the traditional floor position.

In a fresh interpretation of renowned Chevy styling

cues, the SSR incorporates a unique full-width grille bar, wide stance and distinct wheel oriented forms. It has decidedly contemporary architecture -- the cab, fenders and bed are so well integrated that they appear to be one. To create a harmonious design, the exterior color wraps into the interior, and the doors and instrument panel have a clean, sculptural flow.

The roadster is more than striking in appearance. This high performance, functional crossover vehicle boasts a longitudinal V8, rear-wheel drive powertrain. The pickup bed in the back provides exceptional utility. "The SSR will appeal to enthusiasts of all ages," said Ed Welburn, director of Corporate Brand Character Center. "The design draws you in, and the performance keeps you there."

Source: Chevrolet press

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