BMW's stillborn X7 SUV may yet reawake from its dungeons in Munich, depending on available fuel sources.

BMW may yet build its super luxury SUV, according to company insiders. Three years ago we were supposed to see a BMW X7 on our roads, a behemoth of high proportions aimed at rivalling the Land Rover Range Rover set. Mercedes-Benz knew about it too, as they prepared their own vehicle for this segment, the GL-Class. Something happened along the way, probably at the same time as when BMW sold Land Rover to Ford.

Now a source says the X7 is merely “sleeping”, waiting to see what happens with the US SUV market. From where we stand it doesn’t look too good for X7 survival, which may prompt a total cancellation of project X7. That whole big SUV segment is under extreme fire from environmental lobbyists and generally anti-SUV groups, hence X3, MINI SUV and X1.  We have been told the X7 would only work if alternative fuels like hydrogen and hybrid technology become mainstream.  Hopefully, we will find out soon enough.