Chevrolet Camaro SSX Track Car Concept

From Chevrolet Press / Bold Ride Staff: The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SSX Track Car is a concept for transforming a street Camaro SS into a closed-course track car, and a showcase for new performance parts. The 2010 Camaro SSX Track Car has exterior appointments and suspension modifications aimed at road course performance. They include carbon fiber aero parts – front splitter and adjustable rear wing – lightweight carbon fiber body panels, revised lower grille and unique brake cooling ducts. The carbon body panels significantly lower the Camaro’s weight, as does the elimination of much of the production car’s sound-deadening material, carpeting and rear seat.

Low-gloss Icy White Metallic exterior paint is contrasted with the carbon aero parts, door graphics/racing number and red details; and this competition-ready Camaro rolls on dedicated track wheels and tires. This concept was constructed with input from Pratt and Miller, Chevrolet partner in Corvette Racing, and Riley Technologies using parts proven in the Grand Am racing series.

The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SSX’s interior is similarly stripped down and optimized for the track. Its carpeting, sound deadener and rear seat have been removed, and the following additions are in place: a SCCA-approved roll cage and window net; racing driver’s seat with five-point harness; racing pedals; fire suppression system; and a video camera system mounted on the roll cage.

The Camaro SSX is outfitted with the Camaro SS’s LS3 6.2L V-8, enhanced with Chevrolet Performance Parts’ camshaft, cylinder heads and a dry-sump oiling system. The LS3 is mated to a production six-speed manual transmission with Corvette ZR1 twin-disc clutch. Other enhancements include low-restriction air induction and exhaust systems; four-wheel disc racing brake system with six-piston front/four-piston rear calipers and drilled and slotted rotors; a modified production suspension with Pfadt licensed components; and 20-inch racing wheels and tires.

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