Chevrolet Orlando

From Chevrolet press: Orlando. A thousand things to do in a day. Fun, entertainment and relaxation for family and friends. That's the vacation spirit Chevrolet has packed into its first ever European MPV. Like the Chevrolet models recently launched in other market sectors, it doesn't follow convention. Orlando's design – part MPV, part crossover – breaks the rules of a historically conservative segment; it makes a statement and stands out from the crowd.

Chevrolet's new compact MPV brings swagger to the segment by adopting a bolder look with its low roofline and crossover inspired silhouette, while retaining the distinctive and recognizable Chevrolet 'face' depicted by the split radiator grille and bow-tie badge.

There's no question that the Orlando will offer a refreshing alternative to many of the family vans currently on the market. The distinctly recognizable Chevrolet face is complemented by a profile characterized by the low swept roofline and the muscular, protruding wheel-arches, housing 16, 17 or 18 inch wheels. The wheel arches enhance a 'body in, wheel out' appearance while at the same time ensuring Orlando keeps its agile, sporting stance.

While the exterior of the new Chevrolet Orlando is sure to attract plenty of attention, the interior too features many of the latest design cues from Chevrolet such as the Corvette-inspired dual cockpit and ambient blue backlighting to the centre console. Distinctive design is nothing without well-thought-out functionality however, so the 'theater-style' seating arrangement of the Orlando's three rows of seats, the generous load area and the numerous storage solutions will also grab the attention of family motorists.

The interior seating is referred to as 'theater-style' because in spite of the sweeping roof-line, designers have succeeded in raising the second and third rows which allow the Orlando's occupants to get an even better view both forwards and to the side and without compromising head-room. In fact headroom in the third row of seats in the Orlando is superior to a number of competitor MPVs.

Under the hood there is a choice of three of Chevrolet's fuel efficient engines, one gasoline and two diesels. All engines are transversely mounted 4-cylinder units with double overhead camshafts, 16 valves and either multi-point fuel injection, or in the case of the diesels, common rail technology. All the engines have a cast-iron cylinder block and alloy head.

The one gasoline engine available at launch is a 1.8 liter which produces 141 hp at 6200rpm and 176Nm of torque at 3800rpm. Maximum speed for this version is 185kph. Emissions and fuel economy from the 1.8 gasoline are competitive with emissions at 172g/km and consumption at 7.3 liters/100km.

The two diesel engines are of the same displacement but tuned to give different power outputs and drive characteristics. The heart of both engines is a 2.0-liter with 4 valves per cylinder and common rail injection fuel system. However, the more powerful of the two produces 163 hp at 3800rpm and offers 360Nm of torque at 2000rpm. The second output version has 130 hp and 315Nm at the same engine speeds.

Maximum speed of the Orlando for the diesel engine with 130 hp is 180kph and with 163 hp is 195kph. Emissions and fuel economy are at 159g/km and 6 liters/100km, respectively, for both.

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