Cadillac Voyage Concept

From GM Heritage Center: in 1988, GM hosted the largest single showing ever staged of its vehicle design and technology, called Teamwork & Technology: For Today and Tomorrow, at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel, site of the first Motorama exhibition decades earlier.

Concepts revealed at Teamwork & Technology included:

Buick Lucerne: A sleek personal luxury coupe.

Cadillac Voyage: A V8 luxury sedan featuring all wheel drive, a hands-free mobile phone and an in-dash navigation system.

Chevrolet Venture: A practical mid-sized sedan with an all-glass roof (pictured).

GMC Centaur: An aerodynamic compact truck which shared its architecture with the upcoming APV minivans.

Pontiac Banshee: A radical V8 sports car based on design studies for the upcoming Pontiac Firebird.

An unnamed sports car concept was also shown, but only as a clay model.

The logo for Saturn corporation made its debut at Teamwork & Technology.

Cadillac Voyage Concept