Cadillac Evoq Concept

From GM press: Evoq proves that when form follows function, it can do so with boldness and distinction. And with the introduction of this luxury roadster concept, Cadillac gives tangible form to its vision to be a global automotive leader in both design and ingenious technology. Evoq, first introduced at the 1999 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, is a rear-wheel-drive two-seater with a retractable hardtop. Its crisply tailored lines establish an expressive design direction for future Cadillac models. At the same time, the concept vehicle boasts strong performance, starting with a supercharged version of the next generation Northstar V8 engine featuring an intercooler and continuously variable valve timing.

Evoq also showcases a host of advanced - yet feasible - technologies, either available now or currently under development. The technologies include Night Vision, Forewarn® Back-Up Aid rear obstacle detection system, rear vision cameras replacing outside rearview mirrors, a vertically-anchored tire and wheel system and Communiport®, a mobile multimedia information system with voice-activated navigation, electronic mail and entertainment capabilities.

Although Evoq's 168.6-inch (4282mm) length is shorter than most other premium two-seaters, it has a comparatively long wheelbase of 108.5 inches (2756mm). The result is that Evoq has extremely short overhangs in the front and rear, along with a long dash-to-axle profile that is typical of classic sports and luxury cars.

Evoq was packaged with a number of feasible technologies intended to enhance precise all-weather control, active safety and in-car entertainment and information technology. Evoq's technology also is geared to reduce exhaust emissions and optimize fuel economy relative to other engines of comparable power output.

Evoq represents the first application of the widely acclaimed Cadillac Northstar V8 engine to a rear-wheel-drive configuration, and previews technology that will be seen on a next generation of the Northstar System. The new 4.2 liter all-aluminum V8 has been "crowned" by a fully integrated supercharger/intercooler unit, for which GM has a patent pending, and comes with four-camshaft continuously variable valve timing plus a new low-friction valvetrain. The result is "power on demand" over a broad torque band, providing excellent passing capability while at the same time offering impressive fuel economy under normal driving conditions. The engine produces 405 bhp (302 kW) at 6400 rpm and 385 lb.-ft. (522 Nm) of torque at 4000 rpm. The engine has been comprehensively upgraded for the increased power levels. These upgrades include a steel crankshaft, heavy duty pistons and connecting rods, iron inserted main bearing bulkheads, specific valves, and four-layer head gaskets.

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