Cadillac DeVille DTS

The Cadillac DeVille, a full-size sedan, the largest car in the Cadillac model range at the time

The 2000 model year saw the first major redesign since 1994 and the introduction of the last generation of the DeVille. Production started in August 1999. The exterior was completely redesigned featuring a sportier, elegant and more aerodynamic design with a drag coefficient of 0.30. The revamped interior featured completely new door panels and seats, while the dashboard and radio face only received minor facelifts. The 2000 DeVille also featured the first production LED tail lamps in automobiles, a feature now becoming increasingly commonplace on luxury and family cars. The d'Elegance designation was replaced with the DeVille DHS (DeVille High Luxury), which added several cabin comfort options to include power rear window sunshade and heated/massaging rear seats. The performance DeVille Concours was renamed the DeVille DTS (DeVille Touring Sedan), and was available with stability control, active suspension, onboard navigation and magnetic variable assist steering.

This final version of the DeVille lasted through the redesign of 2000 and ended production in June 2005. It was replaced by the restyled and renamed DTS (stands for DeVille Touring Sedan) for 2006.

Source: Wikipedia, 2012

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