Cadillac Eldorado

The Eldorado model was part of the Cadillac line from 1953 to 2002.

For 1992, Cadillac introduced a new, significantly larger Eldorado, approximately 11" longer than its predecessor. Window glass was once again frameless, and shortly after introduction Cadillac's new Northstar V8 became available in both 270 and 295 hp variants, replacing the 200 hp 4.9 L. Sales were up, though never again at record heights.

The Eldorado continued for the rest of the decade with incremental changes and tapering sales. A passenger side airbag was added as standard equipment in 1993. Fresh exterior styling - in the form of updated bumpers front and rear, side cladding, and a new grille - arrived for '95. 1996 featured a slightly revamped interior with a new upholstery sew style, larger analog gauge cluster, relocated climate control system, and updated stereo faces. In the wake of declining sales, circulating reports that the Eldorado would get a redesign for 1999 — similar to that which its Seville platform mate underwent for 1998 — would prove false as the car soldiered on largely unchanged into the new millennium, although it did get some upgrades from the 1999 Seville sister.

Source: Wikipedia, 2012

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