Cadillac DeVille Armored

With more than 50 years of automotive history behind it, the DeVille symbolizes Cadillac's rich technology heritage. Breakthrough advances such as Night Vision, the acclaimed Northstar engine and StabiliTrak have shaped the DeVille's character, and distinguish it from other full-size luxury nameplates.

"The DeVille has long been one of America's best-selling full-size luxury cars," said Susan Docherty, DeVille marketing director. "In the past, pre-boomers have represented DeVille's primary base, but by 2005, we expect nearly 40 percent of buyers in this segment will be boomers."

New heated and cooled front seats come standard on the DHS and DTS and are optional on the DeVille. The system has three levels each of cooling, full-seat heating and back-only heating. It uses two fan modules in each seat that blow heated or cooled air into the seatback and cushion. DeVille is the first vehicle with cooled seats that has the ability to heat only the seatbacks. Vehicles equipped with heated/cooled seats will also feature a one-level heated steering wheel for cold winter comfort.

DeVille debuts three new exterior colors for 2004: White Lightning, Blue Ice and Light Platinum; and on the interior, Cashmere replaces Oatmeal. Night Vision will become available and a CD-only radio will become standard on the base model.

The vehicle now has a manual parking brake release, and the Adaptive Seat feature will be discontinued for 2004 to make way for the heated/cooled seat system.

Cadillac has partnered with Scaletta Moloney Armoring - the preferred U.S. government supplier of armored civilian vehicles - to bring to market a state-of-the-art armored Cadillac DeVille. Designed to provide an added level of security, this extraordinary DeVille is intended for executives, officials and others who may require a high level of protection as they travel. The armored DeVille is available in both standard sedan and eight-inch stretch models, with a range of options to suit individual customer requirements.

Though the armored Cadillac DeVille incorporates many advanced features - from ballistic steel and glass, to a special run-flat wheel and tire system, and a self-sealing fuel tank - it is also designed to be inconspicuous and not draw undue attention to its occupants.

The DeVille's armoring has been designed by engineers with expertise in systems design, ballistics, physics and blast analysis. The vehicle's Level IIIA armoring protects against acts of violence committed with the most common firearms available in the United States today.

Each window - side, rear and windshield - of the armored Cadillac DeVille is made of bullet-resistant glass incorporating the latest ballistic technology. The multi-layer construction is designed to withstand the impact of bullets fired from a wide variety of firearms. Each layer of glass plays a specific role in resisting the impact of a bullet and dispersing its energy. The exterior layers deform at the point of impact and become finely granulated, thereby absorbing the energy. The innermost layer acts as a catcher's mitt in absorbing the bullet's impact and preventing glass fragments from entering the vehicle.

The armored DeVille uses a new, state-of-the-art method for armor protection developed by Scaletta. A protective shell is built using ballistic steel panels formed with great precision. These carefully fitted panels, which overlap at critical points, are then hand welded together at close tolerances to ensure the highest quality. Then, the shell is welded to the chassis.

Ballistic steel covers ordinary steel on roof, sides and undercarriage to form the protective shell that, along with the ballistic glass, helps protect the vehicle's occupants.

The armored Cadillac DeVille is rated at Level IIIA, which is capable of withstanding attack from firearms as large and as powerful as a .44 magnum handgun.

The vehicle also is equipped to ensure continuous mobility, even with zero tire pressure. The Enhanced Mobility System combines a special two-piece heavy-duty wheel and beadlock system with an advanced run-flat tire insert.

The wheel's beadlock system positively secures the tire to the rim. The advance run-flat tire insert is constructed of specially formulated and reinforced rubber that greatly reduces road-handling degradation in run-flat conditions.

Even with a flat tire, drivers can still travel up to 30 miles and maintain a 30-mph speed. This allows the armored DeVille to continue moving - under control - as the driver navigates to a "safe" area.

The armored version is built on DeVille's heavy-duty professional vehicle chassis and is powered by the 4.6 liter Northstar V-8, which offers 275 horsepower (205 kw) and 300 lb.-ft. of torque (407 Nm). Production begins in the fourth quarter of 2003.

The 2004 DeVille reflects the bold spirit of great Cadillacs of the past, while advancing Cadillac's vision of becoming a global leader in automotive design and technology. The DeVille builds on a legacy of design leadership and technological innovation.

DeVille's overall appearance is trim, sleek and cosmopolitan, and builds on Cadillac's rich tradition of pioneering technological innovations that offer real customer benefits.

Most notably, DeVille features Night Vision, an important safety advancement. Night Vision is the first automotive application of thermal-imaging technology. It can assist drivers in seeing objects beyond headlight range during nighttime driving.

As a complement to Night Vision, the DeVille offers Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist, a technology that assists the driver in rear parking maneuvers. The DeVille also was the first in the auto industry to feature full-width light-emitting diode (LED) center high mounted stoplamp and taillights, a safety feature that provides quicker "on-time" performance than incandescent bulbs. Night Vision, LEDs and Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist enhance DeVille's package of world-class active safety and security features. Add to these proven safety-cage construction, leading-edge passive restraints, a DVD-based navigation system and OnStar, the revolutionary information and communications service, and the 2004 DeVille could arguably be the safest car on the road.

In addition, StabiliTrak, Cadillac's world-class stability-control system, makes DeVille's handling even more predictable and consistent under all driving conditions and road surfaces. This enhanced version adds both side-slip rate control and active steering- effort compensation. StabiliTrak is standard on DTS and optional on DeVille and DHS.

In addition to StabiliTrak, DTS is equipped with the continuously variable road-sensing suspension (CVRSS). This enhanced system adds three significant improvements - transient roll control, lateral support and stability control interaction.

Source: Cadillac press

Cadillac DeVille Armored