Cadillac CTS

In 2009, the top of the Cadillac CTS range expands with the heavily anticipated introduction of CTS-V, the 550-horsepower (410 kW) model representing Cadillac’s ultimate expression of performance and luxury.

Direct injection technology helps the CTS offer more power while maintaining fuel economy and lowering emissions. It delivers fuel more precisely to increase the efficiency of combustion. This means less fuel is consumed and lower emissions created. With the CTS’ 3.6L V-6, this translates to 304 horsepower (227 kW), no loss of fuel efficiency and a 25-percent drop in cold-start hydrocarbon emissions. It also runs on less expensive regular unleaded gasoline.

The standard 3.6L VVT engine that produces 263 horsepower (196 kW) and 253 lb.-ft (343 Nm) of torque serves as the base engine in North America and is available in rear- and all-wheel-drive layouts.

The 2.8L VVT engine is available only on rear-drive models of the CTS offered outside the U.S. It is an all-aluminum, 60-degree DOHC, four-valve-per-cylinder engine that develops 211 horsepower (157 kW) at 6,800 rpm and 182 lb.-ft. (247 Nm) of torque at 3,600 rpm.

All CTS engines are matched with fuel-saving six-speed transmissions, including an Aisin six-speed manual or an electronically controlled Hydra-Matic 6L50 six-speed automatic. The Hydra-Matic 6L50 six-speed automatic features driver shift control, which enables on-demand clutch-less manual shifts.

On vehicles equipped with AWD, the 6L50 is partnered with an active transfer case that automatically transfers torque from the rear to the front of the vehicle for optimal traction, safety and performance.

Source: Cadillac press

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