Cadillac SRX

From GM Press: The completely redesigned 2010 Cadillac SRX crossover brings a more dynamic alternative to the luxury crossover segment. Performance and safety are enhanced by an available all-wheel-drive (AWD) system designed to optimize vehicle handling and stability in all driving conditions. The pre-emptive, active-on-demand system provides an extra measure of capability in wet or icy conditions.

The 2010 Cadillac SRX is powered by a new, fuel-efficient direct injected 3.0L V-6 that delivers 265 horsepower (198 kW) and has a six-speed automatic transmission. Direct injection results in more power, better fuel economy and lower emissions, all with a smaller-displacement package. As a result, the new V-6 engine may achieve a 10- to 15-percent fuel economy improvement over the previous standard engine.

A 2.8L turbocharged V-6, derived from a family of refined engines GM uses in luxury European models, is optional in the SRX and will be introduced at the middle of the 2010 model year. It delivers an estimated 300 horsepower (224 kW) under full boost, but the fuel economy of a smaller engine during lower-load driving conditions, such as highway cruising. An Aisin AF40 six-speed automatic transmission is matched with the 2.8L turbo and includes a driver-selectable “eco mode” that alters transmission shift points to maximize fuel economy.

The driving experience of the 2010 Cadillac SRX blends the best elements of a sports sedan with the safety and excellent traction capability that crossover and SUV buyers value. One of its core elements is a new, advanced AWD system, featuring an electronic limited-slip differential (eLSD.) The eLSD enables the system to distribute torque from the front to rear axle, and also side-to-side, across the rear axle. Developed in partnership with Haldex, a leader in AWD technology, the system provides torque to the wheel with the most traction.

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