Bentley T2

From Bentley press: The Bentley T-series, the ‘badge engineered’ Rolls-Royce

The T-series, launched in 1965, was Bentley’s first ever car made with a unitary construction, as opposed to a separate chassis. It had independent self-levelling suspension for superior ride comfort and was the first Bentley to use four-wheel disc brakes. Two-door and convertible Continentals were offered. In 1968, engine capacity increased to 6.75 litres, the capacity of the current Arnage.

In 1977, the T2 was launched. It had fully automatic split-level air conditioning, a world first, and power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering.

The T-series belonged to the era of ‘badge engineering’. Although the R-Type and S-Type vehicles were also closely linked to Rolls-Royce models, the T represented the greatest parts sharing. It was identical to the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, apart from its radiator and badging. It even had Rolls-Royce badging on its engine. Nowadays, the Bentley commands the higher price.

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