Bentley Arnage Red Label

The Bentley Arnage is a large luxury car produced from 1998 to 2009. The Arnage, and its Rolls-Royce-branded sibling, the Silver Seraph, were introduced in the Spring of 1998, and were the first entirely new designs for the two marques since 1980.

The Arnage Red Label was launched in October 1999. At the same time, but without the fanfare, Bentley made several minor modifications to the original BMW engine cars. As part of the modification process the Red Label cars received stiffer body shells and larger wheels and brakes. The stiffer body shell was needed because of the extra weight of the old 6.75 engine. The larger brakes were needed for the same reason. Despite the larger brakes, braking performance worsened with the extra weight of the 6.75 engine.

The public relations department at Bentley pointed to customer demand as the driving force behind the reversion to the old two valve per cylinder 6.75 litre unit for the Red Label.

Vickers had outsourced to Cosworth the production of the old 6.75 litre Rolls-Royce engine for use in the continued Continental and Azure models, so reverting to the old standby engine was a natural choice for the company.

Source: Wikipedia, 2011.

Bentley Arnage Red Label