Bentley Arnage RL

Form Bentley press: Designed to showcase Bentley's unrivalled handcraftsmanship talents and the skills of its Personal Commissioning department, it is the Bentley Arnage RL by Mulliner. And its specification is certain to whet the appetites of technofiles and aesthetes alike, introducing the very latest technologies into a genuinely bespoke interior.

The Bentley Arnage RL by Mulliner is more than just the head of the Arnage range of sporting, luxurious saloons. It also reinforces Bentley's position as the only manufacturer of truly bespoke cars. While others may offer extensive option lists or a limited level of customer choice, for Bentley the only limit is defined by the imagination and resources of the customer. He or she can come to Bentley Mulliner at Crewe, see the vast scope for creating a unique car and discuss their exact requirements with our engineers, designers and craftsmen and women. Bentley Mulliner's sphere of operation extends from one tiny modification to an otherwise standard car, such as the embroidery of the owner's initials in the upholstery, to the design, commission and execution of a new State limousine for Her Majesty, The Queen. In between lies an effectively infinite number of arrangements and permutations - actually there are more than a trillion ways to build a Bentley!

Once, all luxury cars were coachbuilt, but today it is an almost lost art. But at Bentley all the old skills remain in practice everyday, creating cars of a quality and with a character found nowhere else in the automotive industry. The Arnage range in general and the Arnage RL by Mulliner in particular are the ultimate expressions of this art.

The Arnage was first announced in 1998 and will be remembered as the car that led to the regeneration of the company, and the one whose success paved the way for this year's introduction of the 198mph Continental GT coupe. Without its instant credibility in the market place and appeal to Bentley's heartland customer base, all the things that have since been achieved, from the Continental GT to winning Le Mans, would not have been possible.

Still dynamic and fun to drive, its true calling is that of the limousine. But this is no normal luxury saloon. All Bentleys benefit from the craft skills handed down through generations at Crewe, but the RL takes the next step where the wood and leather, instead of merely contributing to the atmosphere within the car, become its focal point and defining feature.

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