Bentley Continental GT

From Bentley press: Two figures alone would seem to say it all about the Bentley Continental GT: it accelerates from 0-60mph in 4.7sec (0-100km/h 4.8sec) and reaches a top speed of 198mph (318km/h). In fact such bold statistics barely scratch the surface of the Bentley Continental GT's true capabilities.

The aim from the start of the Bentley Continental GT project was to create a car with an unrivalled performance envelope, so that it would not only be quicker and more powerful than any rival on paper, but that these extraordinary talents would also be able to be used safely and to the full in the real world. The Bentley Continental GT is not and never was about theoretical performance potential - every aspect of its ability has been specifically tailored so that it is not just possible to access its performance, it is easy and natural.

Moreover, the Bentley Continental GT concept also dictated that the resulting car would recognise that, though we would all wish otherwise, road conditions in all markets mean that frequently its owners will not be able to make use of its full potential. Indeed in some regions traffic conditions are such that being able to extend such a car is more of a rare treat than an everyday occurrence. Which is why in addition to being able to thrill its occupants at a moment's notice, the Bentley Continental GT is also configured to comfort and cosset them the rest of the time - in the tradition of a true British Grand Tourer.

The heart of the Bentley Continental GT is its 5998cc, four camshaft, 48-valve, twin turbocharged W12 engine. It can now be revealed that its power output, hitherto quoted as 'in excess of 500bhp', is in fact 552bhp (560PS) (411kW) at 6100rpm. Maximum torque is 650Nm (479lb ft) which may sound an impressive enough statistic in isolation but its true significance only become apparent when you learn that it is generated at just 1600rpm. Typically, a performance car engine will force the driver to wait until it is spinning at between 3-5000rpm before it will deliver maximum thrust; in the Bentley Continental GT it's all there at barely more than idling speed. No other car in production makes its torque so instantly accessible.

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Bentley Continental GT