BMW 325i Coupe

The E30 was sold from 1982 through 1991 in sedan form, through 1993 in convertible form. The E30's introductory price was nearly double that of the E21 just seven years earlier, but the availability of a six-cylinder engine and four-door body style (in 1984) earned sales. The torquey "eta" six in the 325e produced 121 hp and 172 lb·ft of torque, but met the strict emission standards of the time. The E30 was the most powerful compact BMW offered in the United States since the 2002 Tii.

The lineup was joined in 1985 by the high-output 325i and 325is. Though the engine displacement was reduced to 2.5 L, output was up to 168 hp but torque dropped to 164 lb·ft as the company focused on performance rather than economy. The rev limit for the new motor was raised from 5,000 rpm to 6500 rpm.

The 325is was an upgrade from the standard 325i, as some new features were added to the car as standard. These included the full electrics package, black roof-liner, BMW "is" body kit, BMW 14 inch BBS "Basketweave" wheels and a Close Ratio gearbox. Other features also found on the 325is were options, however over time, some have been mistaken for standard features. These options include a 25% Limited Slip Differential (LSD), M Sport suspension with Bilstein struts, M-Sport II Steering wheel, BMW sports seats, leather interior, sunroof and BMW 15 inch BBS wheels.

Source: Wikipedia, 2012

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