BMW M3 Coupe

BMW’s M3 has been universally coveted since 1994 when the second-generation of M3s came around. For the new M3, BMW decided on two things: First is that Americans were probably willing to spend a little more cash for a bigger engine and second, if BMW made all M3s with the same engine it would probably lower the cost enough to satisfy everyone.


The BMW M3 Coupe rides on its own unique suspension, lowering the car to a more aggressive stance. The front track was increased 1.5 inches and the rear by 1.8 inches in order to accommodate the larger front and rear tires. Standard on the M3 are 18” ten-spoke wheels in place under widened fenders. Rounded mirrors allow for better aerodynamics, while side kidney grills allow for hot air to leave the wheel wells allowing for faster cooling of the rotors and brake pads. At the rear of the new BMW M3, a deck lid lip spoiler adorns the trunk and a quad-tipped exhaust gives this monster its growl. Each feature is a telltale sign that this is not a normal 3-series.


Inside the cabin, BMW engineers have not forgotten anything. A bright dashboard featuring LED lights to let the driver know when the engine is warm is a nice feature a long with the trip computer that records average speeds, miles per gallon, and other information.  BMW M3 Coupe three-spoke steering wheel has been wrapped in leather, giving a great feel in the hands of the driver. Paired to this steering wheel are SMG paddle shifters if the customer has chosen the SMG option. Leather power front seats feature lumbar support and BMW navigation is optional.


A 333 horsepower inline-six cylinder engine powers this BMW M3. Power has been increased by 70 horsepower from the last generation M3, making this a more serious driver’s car. Producing 265 lb-ft of torque at 8,000 rpm, this M3 can rocket to 60 mph in just around 4.9 seconds with the SMG transmission, hitting a top speed electronically limited to 155 mph.


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