When thinking of a car that embodies the very core of the BMW brand, the M3 CSL is the only car to come to mind. Taking the heritage and legendary success of BMW’s lightweight coupes, the BMW M engineers have once again created a thoroughbred sports car meant for purists, designed and built to the highest standard of excellence. The BMW M3 CSL is not only more powerful than the dynamic M3, but it is also much lighter and more nimble.


Using carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFP), this not only reduces the weight of the car, but it also allows for even higher speeds in the bends. Flaps are also clearly visible from the outside serve additionally to reduce front axle lift by a significant margin. A newly designed rear deck lid made of sheet molding compound, joined with an integrated spoiler, also serve in conjunction with the CFP rear diffuser to significantly reduce lift forces. The BMW M3 CSL roof is entirely made out of CFP, reducing six kilos of weight and lowers the car’s center of gravity.


Special for this BMW M3 is a three-spoke M sports steering wheel with its rim finished in Alcantara in order to provide perfect grip. A pair of SMG paddle shifters attached to the steering wheel gives the driver control over the gearshifts with the new M SMG transmission. On the right side of the steering wheel, the M Track Mode button activates and additional DSC function presented clearly by a new signal in the instrument cluster.


The straight-six power unit featured in the standard BMW M3 revs up easily and smoothly all the way to 8,000 rpm, and the power unit of the M3 CSL offers an even higher standard of all-around performance. The 3.2-liter engine produces 360 horsepower, making 273 lb-ft of torque at 4,900 rpm with an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.


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