BMW 3-Series Sports Wagon

The BMW 3 Series Sports Wagon made its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2005. With an exceptional harmony of elegance and athleticism, the Sports Wagon offers flexibility and practicality as well.

This latest generation sports wagon will initially be available in the U.S. as a 325xi model. Its xDrive all-wheel drive system endows it with remarkable traction and agility. The all-new 3 Series Sports Wagon family will expand in 2006 with the introduction of a rear wheel drive version.

Like the all-new 325i Sedan, the Sports Wagon will be powered by BMW's new, advanced N52 3.0 liter 6-cylinder engine. This dynamic powerplant retains the unique smoothness and sound character of BMW's inline 6-cylinder format while offering more power, greater torque, even more refined delivery of power, and new technology. This includes magnesium/aluminum composite engine construction, and BMW's patented Valvetronic variable valve lift system, which replaces the conventional throttle for more efficient engine breathing and improved responsiveness. The 325i Sports Wagon is equipped with a new, standard six-speed manual gearbox ; an optional six-speed STEPTRONIC automatic transmission is available.

For the first time, the BMW 3 Series Sports Wagon has been developed as an entirely different and unique car compared to the Sedan. The new Sports Wagon is largely identical to the Sedan from the front all the way to the A-pillar; the rear seat area and luggage compartment blend harmoniously with the overall style of the car's sporting, almost coupe-like silhouette. One distinctive design element is the side window area. The roofline tapers down softly and smoothly to the inclined tailgate, while the shoulder line moves up slightly, the window areas appear small and compact, as in a coupe.

While the new 325xi Sports Wagon maintains the BMW heritage in both styling and performance - powerful, sporting, compact - it is equally impressive in its space and roominess. Length (+1.65"), width (+3.07"), height (+0.35"), and wheelbase (+1.38") are all increased compared to the previous generation Sports Wagon, providing front and rear occupants with additional space and comfort on the road. The split-folding rear seats and large cargo area offer a high degree of flexibility and utility.

The 325xi Sports Wagon is provided with a number of innovative features that not only enhance everyday driving qualities, but the practical benefits of this unique model as well. For example, the luggage compartment cover ensures privacy and automatically rises together with the separately opening rear window in order to facilitate loading. Like the all-new 3 Series Sedans, the Sports Wagon comes with run-flat tires and a Flat Tire Monitor. The lack of a spare tire not only reduces the weight of the car but increases effective cargo capacity, with an additional storage box beneath the floor of the luggage compartment.

The luggage compartment floor section is available with two reversing surfaces, with tie-down points on one side to securely fasten heavy objects, and a plastic cover on the other side to be placed on the interior panels and surfaces in the luggage compartment to ensure efficient protection from dirt and scratches. A water-tight folding box beneath the floor of the luggage compartment enables the storing of items such as wet boots or other gear.

BMW's traditional attention to detail is evident with available sunshades on the rear side windows which are unusal in this vehicle category, as are the separate rear seat air vents.

A wide range of creature comforts enhances the versatility of the 3 Series Sports Wagon: the panorama roof, for example, virtually changes this practical touring car into a convertible. Almost two feet longer than a conventional sliding roof, the panorama roof lets in up to 60 per cent more fresh air.

The BMW 3 Series Sports Wagon is first and foremost a BMW 3 Series, combining a comfortable ride with sports car handling. It is a very dynamic car on the road, with that recognizable "BMW feel". Near 50-50 weight distribution, all-wheel drive, a long wheelbase, and short body overhangs front and rear are simply ideal for outstanding agility and driving safety under any circumstances.

The double-pivot front suspension, newly developed for the 3 Series Sedan, offers an optimum balance of driving dynamics and ride comfort in the Sports Wagon as well. Utilizing extensive aluminum componentry, this innovative suspension design offers superior tracking stability and low unsprung weight. Class-leading agility and dynamic handling, in turn, are ensured by the five-link rear axle in lightweight steel, ensuring precise wheel guidance as well as excellent roll comfort.

Source: BMW press

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