BMW X6 Concept

Inventing the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV), BMW has established a highly innovative and, indeed, trendsetting segment in the automobile market.

And now the time is ripe for another brand-new concept: The Sports Activity Coupé combining an elegant, dynamically flowing roofline with the typical features of a BMW X model – a truly fascinating combination now borne out for the first time in the guise of BMW Concept X6.

Presenting this concept car, BMW is proudly demonstrating the vision of a unique vehicle developing the striking design language of BMW X cars with a clear and consistent focus on sportiness and elegant presence.

BMW Concept X6 captures the eyes of the beholder through its highly innovative combination of design and concept features. The car combines four doors and a dynamically flowing coupé roofline with a high sill-line, muscular wheel arches, and a strong centre of gravity positioned right in the middle and making a clear reference to four-wheel-drive technology.

The result is a unique vehicle clearly presenting the DNA of a BMW X model but interpreting the character of such a vehicle in a unique and truly sporting manner. The design of BMW Concept X6 is the authentic visualisation of outstanding driving qualities borne out by the car mainly through BMW’s intelligent xDrive technology as well as Dynamic Performance Control.

The front end of BMW Concept X6 is dominated by highlights in design clearly symbolizing the car’s dynamic orientation to the road. From the side, in turn, the proportions are definitely elegant, the short front body overhang emphasizing the dynamism of the car, the long overhang at the rear, its stretched and sleek look. The long line of the engine compartment lid merges smoothly and gently into the elegantly rising A-pillars, the greenhouse moved far to the back and the roofline tapering out clearly and consistently from the B-pillars interacting with the high window line to provide low and, indeed, almost flat window graphics.

The roofline, in turn, flows down gently to the rear spoiler, finally moving up again slightly in a small upward swing perfecting the overall line of a coupé and at the same time optimizing the car’s aerodynamic qualities.

The dynamically stretched side lines highlight the aesthetic effect of this concept car, with BMW Concept X6 obtaining its impressive presence clearly through the unique combination of these lines and the design elements of a BMW X car.

Apart from the high window line, the large wheel arches and the centre of gravity visibly in the middle of the car, particularly this distinctive and powerful interaction of convex and concave surfaces, of the muscular side-sills with running boards made of drilled aluminium beneath the doors and the strong underfloor protection elements front and rear also made of aluminium express all the genuine DNA of BMW X.

BMW Concept X6 combines the design features so typical of a BMW X model with a truly individual, aesthetic look. In its character and design, this concept car stands out clearly from BMW’s highly successful SAV models, although the core features of those models provide a strong and sound foundation for the development of a unique personality in the guise of BMW Concept X6 as the Sports Activity Coupé.

With its impressively dynamic driving characteristics, the BMW X5 already excels as a true exception in its segment, and was indeed the forerunner creating the entire segment in the first place. Now BMW Concept X6 provides a clear impression of how an even more consistent focus on sporting performance in this class is able to set standards once again.

Through its design alone, this new concept car arouses the greatest expectations of the driving experience in a Sports Activity Coupé, bearing out the robustness and superior traction of a BMW X model in combination with dynamic driving qualities never seen before in this segment of the market.

BMW Concept X6 is unique and brand-new in the world of the automobile. But it nevertheless stands out as a genuine BMW at first sight, all design features of this concept study clearly reflecting the particular language of BMW design. Indeed, through its design language alone BMW Concept X6 makes a number of clear and highly recognizable statements simply because they are quite unique in this constellation: The car expresses sporting elegance, superior presence and stylish extravagance as well as the symbiosis of superior power and outstanding robustness so characteristic of a BMW X car and now enhanced to a significantly higher standard in BMW Concept X6.

Clear orientation towards the product features characterizing the concept of a Sports Activity Coupé gives BMW Concept X6 a fascinating look right from the start. Through its design alone, this car expresses the features essential to such an innovative vision of a completely new car. Conversely, this design principle now arouses the expectation that a BMW Sports Activity Coupé may well develop precisely the outstanding sportiness and superior power both on the road and offroad clearly borne out by this concept study.

So it is precisely the unique features of the vehicle that lead to its unmistakable design. And it is this authentic design so typical of a BMW which gives the BMW Concept X6 its individual style and character and also reflects the image of the brand. In other words – only BMW is able to create a Sports Activity Coupé, and BMW Concept X6 shows what such a car must look like.

The unique proportions of BMW Concept X6 are particularly clear from the side, the gently tapering roofline and the long body overhang at the rear giving the car its stretched and sleek coupé silhouette.

The roofline itself reaches its highest point directly behind the steering wheel, highlighting the driver' position and creating an effect most appropriate for the extravagant design of BMW Concept X6. The chrome surrounds on the side windows, in turn, made of one piece, accentuate the sheer elegance of the vehicle, while the absence of pillars dividing the side area gives the window graphics a completely homogeneous look making the entire vehicle appear lighter and almost transparent.

In its design and looks, BMW Concept X6 sets new standards and leaves a lasting impression, the concept study presenting brand-new options in expressing sportiness and modern elegance. Creating a car which combines the dynamic lines of a coupé with the superior power and refined robustness of a BMW X car, BMW is once again entering new terrain in the market segment of all-wheel-drive luxury cars, where the BMW X5 has already shown how dynamic driving qualities may well become a decisive criterion in a new segment. The BMW X3 then added outstanding agility as a further factor for success, and now BMW Concept X6 stands for the ongoing continuation of these priorities.

Source: BMW press

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BMW X6 Concept