Audi Quattro

The Audi Quattro solidified its place in history as being a famous and historically significant Audi road and Rally car. Officially, the model name is “Quattro” and is always spelled with a capital “Q.” This refers to the AWD system while the lower case “q” is used to refer to either the Audi AWD system or any AWD versions of any Audi automobile. Audi released the original Quattro in 1980, making it both the first car to feature Audi’s Quattro All Wheel Drive System and the first to mate that Quattro system with a turbocharger. Base MSRP $7,200


The exterior of the Audi Quattro is very simplistic yet surprisingly attractive and effective. Providing both aerodynamic functionality and being appealing to the consumer’s eyes, the Quattro offered AWD performance from a vehicle that looked sporty and had great lines. On both doors, a shadowed Audi rings logo adds sportiness to the exterior. 17-inch wheels and a built-in spoiler keep this road-legal rally car planted to the ground.


Leather wraps the seats, steering wheel, and door panels, giving the occupants a luxurious and enjoyable ride in comfort. Standard equipment includes an AM/FM stereo, adjustable tilting steering wheel, cassette player, and a five-speed manual transmission. The dash was switched from an analogue instrument cluster to a more modern, upgraded orange digital liquid crystal display, also known as an LCD screen. The years prior to this, that screen had been green.


Powering the Quattro is a 2.1-liter, single overhead cam, 10-valve straight-5 engine, originally making 160 horsepower and 205 lb-ft of torque. Eventually, the engine would get an upgrade and make 200 horsepower. From there, Audi upgraded it even more with a twin-cam setup and that squeezed another 20 horsepower out of the engine. From a stand still, reaching 60 mph only took 9.5 seconds and will accelerate up to 122 mph.


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