Over the weekend up popped a few new photos on Camaro obsessed Forum Camaro5 of the upcoming 2010 Camaro SS. The silver prototype was spotted on the set of a new NBC televesion program starring Christian Slater and features the predominantly placed SS badge on the right hand side of the front fascia and another on the rear bumper.

The high-spec model will only get subtle exterior modifications from the regular Camaro, we see the additional front spoiler and for the first time we get to see a Camaro with a sunroof. We aren't quite sure about the silver color though, black seems to suit this car much better.

These new photos now make you wonder what model Bumblebee is in the new Transformers movie, the recent spottings of the autobot showed a slightly reposition air vent built into the hood which many recently believed was a preview of the Camaro SS, but these new photos throw that theory out the window.

2010 Camaro SS Spied on TV Production Set