Audi S6

From Audi press: In model year 2008, Audi offers significant changes for the A6 model line. In all of its forms, the latest generation of the Audi A6 combines superior driving dynamics and sophisticated technology with exceptional comfort and equipment.

Another key addition to the A6 and S6 in 2008 is an optional Audi lane assist feature. A camera located in front of the mirror housing monitors the vehicle’s path and alerts drivers if they wander from their lane unintentionally. This is done with a slight vibration in the steering wheel, similar to driving over rumble strips commonly found on freeway shoulders.

Powerful engines with up to 10 cylinders and 435 horsepower, advanced transmission technologies, and a choice between quattro permanent all-wheel drive or FrontTrak front wheel drive make Audi’s current A6 and S6 offerings unique in the segment. Such levels of technology have helped the A6 line achieve the highest worldwide sales in its class.

Advanced headlight technology is equally visible behind the clear-glass headlight covers. The A6 was the first Audi to feature powerful Bi-Xenon adaptive headlight technology, standard on the 4.2 and S6 – optional on the 3.2 and Avant – which helps the driver see around corners. The headlights follow the course of the road ahead as a function of steering angle and road speed to a maximum of 15 degrees, substantially improving the visibility. The driver sees upcoming bends more clearly and precisely and is able to detect possible obstacles at an earlier point in time. At night, the driver also can benefit from the “coming home and leaving home” lighting system. This system lights the exterior of the vehicle under the rear view mirrors in combination with the front fog lights and rear tail lights to provide a clear picture of the driver’s surroundings. It can be activated from the Multi Media Interface (MMI) and produces a significant improvement in active safety.

Another fascinating feature is programmable daytime running lights in conjunction with adaptive Bi-Xenon headlights. Consuming very little energy, the daytime running lights – LED lights on the S6 – offer the benefit of enhanced safety and visibility with virtually no additional fuel consumption and, as a result, no increase in CO2 emissions.
Low-slung rear lights wrap distinctly around to the inside and characterize the rear end of the car. A chrome strip visually divides the luggage compartment lid horizontally, at the same time creating a striking union between the rear lights and the trunk. The very dynamic rear contour line provides an additional design cue at the back and marks the rear upper end of the trunk that now incorporates the S6 lip spoiler for 2008 on all A6 sedan models.

The 2008 A6 and A6 Avant continue Audi’s recognized interior design leadership in terms of material quality and fit and finish. A truly driver-focused cockpit envelops the driver and passengers with materials such as aluminum, leather and wood. The round temperature and fuel gauges are located in the corner of the teardrop-shaped surrounds, next to the large tachometer and speedometer. The four-spoke multifunction steering wheel is highlighted by its single-frame trapezoid centerpiece with the four Audi rings on the central airbag cap.

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