Audi S5 Cabriolet

From Audi press: After gaining immediate traction for its beautiful design, the Audi A5 went on to establish itself as a leader in the luxury performance coupe segment. With bold and easily identifiable design language, the A5 conveys a sense of power and finesse that has become synonymous with the Audi brand. New for 2010, the A5 Cabriolet and S5 Cabriolet continue that tradition, offering buyers a level of carefree driving with the joy of a soft top and the all-weather capability of quattro all-wheel drive. Featuring the auto industry’s only four-seater convertible with 50/50 split folding rear seats, form and function come together in perfect harmony.

Arguably the definitive Audi design of recent years, the A5 presents a low and muscular physique, with an extended roofline and sharply carved contours guiding the eye along its sleek shape. Capitalizing on the styling elements that define a sports coupe, the A5 exudes performance and elegance with a tall shoulder line and steeply raked windshield. The instantly identifiable Audi single-frame grille dominates the front of the car, while purposeful LED taillights illuminate the rear.

Similarly, the A5 Cabriolet and S5 Cabriolet present a beautiful form with a long, lunging hood and effortlessly styled flanks. With the unobtrusive soft top raised, the A5 Cabriolet maintains its coupe roots, while lowering the roof immediately conveys a sense of speed and purpose. The A5 Cabriolet and its sportier sister, the S5 Cabriolet, give buyers driving elegance no matter the weather. On both models, bold and muscular fender lines define the profile. The look immediately hints to the performance potential of the chassis, as well as the surefootedness of quattro all-wheel drive.

The 2010 A5 boasts an ergonomic interior designed around driver and passenger comfort. Audi has taken an even greater focus on attractive shapes and precision workmanship to create a space as gorgeous as it is functional. With high-quality leather and rich materials assembled together to the strictest tolerance, it is immediately obvious that there has been no cost spared in interior luxury.

The 2010 Audi S5 Cabriolet benefits from a powerful and efficient 3.0 TFSI V6 engine. The 3.0-liter, all-aluminum engine is supercharged to create 333 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque. The powerplant also incorporates a number of Audi innovations to maintain class-leading fuel efficiency. FSI direct injection, a two-stage intake, dual intercoolers and a drive-by wire throttle all help the 3.0 TFSI stay remarkably efficient, delivering 17/26 mpg (city/hwy).

The exciting new A5 Cabriolet and S5 Cabriolet feature a soft top that retracts in just 15 seconds, making it ideal for stoplight conversions. Unlike much of the competition, the traditional soft top roof allows the A5 to offer best-in-class trunk space, while retaining a classical cabriolet form and avoiding the inherent weight gain associated with new hardtop variants. With a three-layer design, the fabric top can be had in the buyer’s choice of three exterior colors. A true-glass rear window helps isolate the cabin from excess road noise, as does additional insulation. The A5 Cabriolet and S5 Cabriolet are nearly as quiet as their hardtop sisters, and innovative features like neck-level heaters to allow for all-season convertible driving.

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