Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante LWB

From Aston Martin press: Launched at the Birmingham Motor Show in 1992, this was the second model to be given the name Vantage in its own right, rather than just an updated version of a current product. The first was the AM Vantage, the Company Developments version of the DBS.

While this model did bear a passing resemblance to Virage, careful examination would have revealed many differences. The most obvious were external details, the only Virage panels were the door and roof skins.

The frontal aspect had obvious differences, two groups of three headlamps, each group behind a single heated lens while the grille over the opening above the bumper moulding had a unique appearence.

Reaction to the Vantage was predictably enthusiastic, and it certainly generated the right sort of publicity for Aston Martin, though it was the Volante version which was the mainstay of production at Newport Pagnell.

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