Alpina BMW B3 S Bi-Turbo

From Alpina press: Innovative, turbo-charged automobiles have always played a central role in ALPINA’s more than 45-year history as a manufacturer – the 1989 BMW ALPINA B10 Bi-Turbo is an excellent example, having achieved true cult status. In 2008 the BMW ALPINA B3 Bi-Turbo rekindled this tradition, combining Bi-Turbo charging with the compact dimensions of the BMW 3 Series.

In 2010, the new BMW ALPINA B3 S Bi-Turbo combines improved performance and torque with reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions - it is the logical result of continuous engineering development at the highest level. Building upon the highly-praised traits of its predecessor, it presents itself as one of the most harmonious and multi-faceted sports cars in its segment.

Whether Saloon, Coupé, Touring or Convertible, whether rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive – the B3 S Bi-Turbo marries explosive performance with a high level of comfort and everyday usability, addressing the needs of an unusually broad target group of automotive enthusiast.

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