Alfa Romeo Kamal Concept

Making its world debut in Geneva is the Kamal, an original model that marks an authentic conceptual and stylistic leap in the international motoring scene. New scenarios and brand new segments are opening up and Alfa wants to play a leading role.

It is easy to see just how much energy from the Alfa Romeo Business Unit went into one ambitious goal: to redefine the concept of "elegant sportiness", which has always been a distinctive trait of the brand, but giving it an entirely new and unique shape. Kamal calls on a complex, sophisticated interplay of allusions that on the one hand hark back to Alfa's glorious tradition in the sports car sector while on the other hand also including attractive ideas that look to the future, and new developments in the SUV - MPV segments in particular.

A mix of style and design with the concept of 'crossover' as the distinctive element. Kamal is a fusion of different vehicle types.

The model combines the off-road performance of an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) with the driving pleasure and handling characteristics of a compact Alfa Romeo, while at the same time offering a versatile, functional passenger cabin typical of a Multi Purpose Vehicle, due above all to the intelligent use of space and a wide range of seat configurations. And it all comes with unmistakable Alfa style, designed by the Arese "Centro Stile". The car would be just as much at home on the intricate streets of a European city as it would on a desert track or frontier landscape.

All this is packed into a car that measures 435 centimeters in length, 186 cm in width and 162 cm in height. For its size and features, the Kamal represents the idea of a vehicle that is unique in the world.

Underlining the exuberant nature of the car, the Kamal has been designed with the pick of current Alfa Romeo technology: a 250 bhp 3.2 V6 24V engine, electronically-controlled four-wheel drive with three differentials and a Torsen system, plus double wishbone front and rear suspension.

The body has four doors with an opening action like a 'book', while the rear window can be opened independently of the tailgate.

Not to mention the fact that the luggage compartment capacity is estimated to be in excess of 400 liters while a big central tunnel houses numerous compartments and drinks holders.

Other innovative features include a large, transparent roof and rear seats that can be stowed away out of sight. This gives a flat and easily accessible payload compartment. The car's all-terrain appearance, the chassis and engine protection, and the 20" wheels with special tread leave little room for doubt: the Kamal was created to handle any road situation or weather condition. Without ever having to compromise.

The Alfa Romeo Kamal excites the emotions, guarantees driving pleasure and makes you want to live life to the full, while it also satisfies a desire for unfettered travel that knows no boundaries of age or sex.

Source: Alfa Romeo press

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Alfa Romeo Kamal Concept