Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept

From Alfa Romeo press: Gran Turismo Alleggerito: a historical and famous “signature” throughout the world which, interpreted in a modern and effective manner, has guided the entire development of the MiTo GTA Concept, which has the priority objectives of reducing weight and achieving an excellent power-to-weight ratio. Hence the decision to use components of ultra-light carbon fiber – as for example the tailgate spoiler, the roof and the mirror fairings – as well as the use of aluminum for the braking system, suspension and some parts of the chassis. And the body has been completely revised, maintaining the very high level of torsional rigidity (a necessary element for the maximum efficacy of the suspension) and optimizing many structural and reinforcing components; a necessary “diet”, not only to reduce weight but also to lower the center of gravity, enhancing agility and driving precision.

To the same end, a special onboard set-up has been specified, preserving the equipment and systems most directly associated with the sporting use of the car. Finally, to obtain the best power-to-weight ratio in its category, an innovative engine, endowed with character and technology, has been specially developed.

So, the MiTo GTA Concept car boasts an extraordinary power-to-weight ratio which contributes to making it the standard-bearer of Alfa Romeo sporting cars. The design is sensual, modern, but never overstated, and from first sight it communicates a technological “DNA” which forms the inspiration for the development of future high performance versions.

1.75 Liter 240 HP Turbo Gasoline Engine: the sporting heart of the MiTo GTA Concept. Everyone recognizes the ability of the Italian motoring industry to produce engines full of “determination” and temperament, real “jewels” born out of experience and the passion of engineers allied with technical skills consolidated over the years. So there is no question that the engine should be designed and developed by the engineers of FPT - Fiat Powertrain Technologies, exploiting the experience which created the mythical Twin Spark and V6 engines as well as the racing engines which Alfa Romeo brought to racing tracks throughout the world.

And anyone whose character has been molded on the race track knows that he must always look to the challenges of the future. The Mito GTA Concept engine was developed in accordance with this principle, using advanced technical solutions in the field of spark ignition engines, including direct gasoline injection, dual VVT, the turbocharger and a revolutionary management system. Hence the exciting performances comparable with those of an engine of 3000 cc, while consumption is maintained at moderate levels typical of a 4-cylinder engine of average capacity, benefiting the environment and operating costs.

In addition, the engine has been designed to interact with the Alfa D.N.A. system which allows the driver to select the most suitable driving mode and thereby modify the operating parameters of the various vehicle systems, enhancing driving pleasure and safety under all conditions.

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Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept