Acura TL with ASPEC Performance Package

From Acura press: The 2004 TL, which went on sale last month, was dramatically redesigned and enhanced to appeal to performance driving enthusiasts. It features bold new styling, a powerful 270-horsepower engine, sport-tuned suspension and an assortment of leading- edge technology. The TL A-SPEC kit accentuates the aggressive new styling while making the car even more responsive and fun to drive.

The suspension package features track-tuned shocks and springs that lower the car approximately one inch. This package was developed concurrently with the production TL suspension and designed specifically to meet the needs of the most demanding performance enthusiast. To achieve track-like handling in all driving conditions, the spring rates have been modified and a unique balance of compression and rebound damping has been designed into the A-SPEC suspension components.

This suspension tuning technique is also utilized in the NSX supercar to help provide the ultimate in handling.
The A-SPEC kit also includes 18-inch alloy wheels. Designed using a new, advanced manufacturing process that provides forged strength and rolled manufacturing ease, the wheel rims are thinner yet stronger than a cast alloy wheel. Also, while they are one-inch larger in diameter, and half an inch wider than the production TL wheels, theA-SPEC wheels are only slightly heavier. They are shod with high performance AVS ES100 235/40VR18 95W Yokohama tires designed specifically for the TL A-SPEC package. These tires provide excellent ride quality, especially for a 40 series aspect ratio, as well as optimum grip and predictable response under high performance conditions.

While 2004 TLs equipped with 6-speed manual transmissions feature powerful 4-piston Brembo front brakes, the A-SPEC kit for automatic transmission-equipped models includes high- performance brake pads. These pads substantially improve fade resistance while providing superior pedal feel and reduced stopping distance.

The package comes equipped with an aero kit that includes either a deck lid or rear wing spoiler. In addition to highlighting the TL's performance-oriented styling, the aero kit helps improve the car's aerodynamics, with wind tunnel testing indicating improvements in both coefficient of drag and coefficient of lift. Interior modifications include a thicker, racing-style A-SPEC steering wheel as well as A-SPEC badging.

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Acura TL with ASPEC Performance Package