AC Schnitzer ACS6 BMW 6-Series Coupe

Despite - or because of - the excellent "Basis", AC Schnitzer is currently developing a special accessories range which will perfect the 6-series in all its qualities. Because in the end, there's nothing so good that it can't be improved.

In the first stage of development work, AC Schnitzer adapted the alloy and racing wheels for the new 6-series. The Type III wheels and the new Type IV design are already available today.

As the maximum size AC Schnitzer actually develops a wheel tire combination with the new Type IV racing wheel in 21". As well as various combinations in 19" the 6-series can also carry the combination of 9.0J x 20" on the front with tyres 245/35 R 20 and on the rear axle 10.0J x 20" with tyres 285/30 R 20. Just this measure perceptibly improves the driving dynamics of the 6-series Coupé. AC Schnitzer recommends high performance tyres by Continental and Michelin.

In addition, the avant-garde style AC Schnitzer Type IV 5-spokes, with their star pattern from the pentagonal wheel centre and dishing for each spoke, are also excellently suited to the modern, timeless design of the new Coupé.

The sporting performance is further enhanced by the AC Schnitzer sports suspension which is currently undergoing tests on public roads and on the North Loop of the Nürburgring.

As well as simply lowering by around 25 mm, we have made the 6-series Coupé stiffer for more sporting performance while retaining maximum comfort.

Naturally our engineers and designers, working in close collaboration, have developed a unique AC Schnitzer aerodynamic conversion consisting of front spoiler in a new sporting design, side skirt inserts, rear spoiler and a rear skirt.

The aerodynamic range is completed by a Chromeline Set, to provide some chrome highlights if desired.

A further brilliant highlight which is perfectly integrated into the rear skirt is the double sports rear silencer with its 2 chromed tailpipes in Trap-Ment form (combination of trapezium and segment). This exhaust system is of course not only an aesthetically pleasing but also optimises gas flow, thus ensuring better response, and gives the V8 a particularly sonorous "voice".

Source: AC Schnitzer press

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AC Schnitzer ACS6 BMW 6-Series Coupe