AC Schnitzer ACS6 BMW M6 Tension Concept

Psychologically, tension means excited expectation or apprehension of a proposed event which is either particularly desired or feared. 

Physically, tension describes a force within a resilient body. Mechanical tension (symbol σ) is the force per surface unit which acts in an imaginary section plane through a body, a fluid or a gas. 
Tension is also the most important instrument of playwrights and authors for motivating the viewer and reader to watch and read further. 

The application of all these different definitions to a single vehicle - viewed from all aspects - is demonstrated by AC Schnitzer at the IAA 2005 with the Concept Car: The basis for the extensive conversion could only be one vehicle: the 507 HP BMW M6, which underwent a performance upgrade as the first development stage. Optimizing the entire engine management system and fitting a new AC Schnitzer exhaust manifold system with special catalyst, sports rear silencer with chromed tailpipe trims in right/left combination in "Sports Trim Design" help the TENSION achieve an incredible 406 kW / 552 HP. The Sports Trim Design will also shortly be included in the AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer range exclusively for the new BMW M vehicles . 

Even more imposing than the pure engine power is the maximum torque of 540 Nm at 6200 rpm, which pushes the driver back in the seat and catapults the TENSION explosively to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. 

Conversely of course tremendous forces are also necessary to bring the TENSION back to a standstill. To achieve good deceleration values, development of an AC Schnitzer high performance braking system was essential. On the front axle this takes the uncompromising form of an 8-pot fixed caliper with perforated and vented brake disks in 374 mm diameter and with 36 mm thick brake discs. On the rear axle, a 4-pot fixed caliper is used in conjunction with the standard brake discs. 

For both acceleration and deceleration, it is the wheels which are permanently under full load in all maneuvers. To take account firstly of the safety aspect and secondly to fulfill the high technical requirements imposed on the new Concept Car by our engineers, a completely new wheel had to be developed. 

The result is the AC Schnitzer "Forged Wheel": a lightweight forged wheel with
bi-colour finish, i.e. it has a part polished, part painted surface. The forged wheel embodies an apparent contradiction: reduction in weight with at the same time the largest possible diameters and widths. 

The TENSION is fitted with wheels size 10.0J x 20" all round. The offsets of -12 on the front and -2 on the rear allow tires of size 285/30 ZR 20 respectively, of type MICHELIN Pilot Sport 2. 

The weight of the front wheel is approx. 10 kg and the rear wheel 10.8 kg. But the AC Schnitzer Forged Wheels are not reserved exclusively for the TENSION. From December 2005 this new wheel type will also enrich the AC Schnitzer range for the BMW 5-series and 6-series. 

To counter lateral roll movements the AC Schnitzer antiroll bar kits are fitted to the front and rear axles. A further suspension highlight is the specially developed strut brace in aluminum- carbon combination, which perfectly prevents torsion in the vehicle front. 

The TENSION body conversion is absolutely breathtaking, and is totally dedicated to optimizing the aerodynamics. A further focal point of the development was the improvement of the air supply and extraction for the power plant and braking system. 

The redesigned bonnet of the AC Schnitzer TENSION reveals at first sight - through its striking power bulge and large air outlets - that it conceals an extremely powerful engine which requires maximum cold air flow especially at full load. 

Source: AC Schnitzer press

AC Schnitzer ACS6 BMW M6 Tension Concept