ABT Audi TT Sport Roadster

From ABT press: Abt Sportsline developed a new sports suspension for the open TT which further improves the agility of this sportscar. Compression and rebound of the dampers are adjustable thus offering the driver a multitude of individual set-ups. The lowering of up to 30 millimetres ensures a low centre of gravity and stable driving behaviour at all speeds. Combined with the new 19 inch rims from the Abt wheel product range is a high-grade steel exhaust manifold sporting four tail pipes and a rear body apron with integrated channel covers, lending the Abt TT Roadster a particularly sporty and individual look, and distinguishing this vehicle from its production line cousins.

The performance of the Abt TT Roadster is in keeping with its sporty appearance. Thanks to modified electronics the power output of the engine is improved from 165 kW to 184 kW (225 to 250 hp) or 195 kW (265 hp). From the model year 2001 even 213 kW (290 hp) or 228 kW (310 hp) are possible. The Abt steel-braided brake lines not only reduce brake fading and the risk of damage from gravel and abrasion, but at the same time improve the response to the brake pedal, ensuring that the deceleration performance matches the capabilities of the engine. The sports suspension makes even higher cornering speeds possible.

With a comprehensive bodykit, this open sportscar becomes even more unique. The Abt TT Roadster embodies the ideas that were founded in the concept of a super sportscar. A spoiler and a rear diffuser provide even more driving stability and safety. Details like the front grille with two striking centre struts, a laser-engraved Abt logo on the fuel tank cap, Abt floor mats, a gear lever knob and a shifting gate ring made of aluminium complete the Abt package for the TT Roadster.

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