ABT Skoda Fabia

From ABT press: The Skoda Fabia enjoys a strong following - however, at Abt Sportsline the compact car is given even more of a sporty appearance.

With its standard 74 kW (100 hp) engine, the Skoda Fabia 1.9 TDI is extremely agile, nevertheless the Abt technicians give the compact Czech car even more sportiness. Thanks to Abt tuning, the power output of the turbo-diesel DI engine is boosted to 108 kW (125 hp).

Abt springs provide the diesel and petrol varieties of the Skoda Fabia with even better road handling. The springs lower the vehicle by around 35 to 40 millimetres. Abt are working on an individualised suspension, as well as various refinements to the body of the Skoda Fabia - for example the Abt front spoiler lip or a rear wing.

For the interior, a comprehensive package is available. A real eye-catcher is the polished silver gearshift knob with the matching Abt aluminium pedals for manual and automatic gearboxes, as well as floor mats sporting the distinctive Abt logo. The sporty look continues with Abt running boards.

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ABT Skoda Fabia