ABT Audi AS8

From ABT press: The Audi A8 is the flagship of the Ingolstadt-based automobile group. Due to innovative technology and quality at the highest stage, the luxury car has reached peak position in the ranking of the luxury class vehicles. Based on the A8 with V8-supercharger and a capacity of 4.2 litres as well as quattro-drive, Abt Sportsline has created a breathtaking model which perfectly unites luxury and sportiness: the Abt AS8.

By means of a complex power upgrade, the Audi-specialists from Kempten have increased the performance of the luxury class limousine to 450 HP and 520 NM of maximum torque. Compared to the inherently well motorized standard model with 335 HP, this is a plus of 115 HP. Hence, the Abt AS8 accelerates to 100 km/h in just 5.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 247 km/h.

The performance data were achieved by complex modifications. Abt Sportsline's supercharger kit consists of a specifically developed intake, a modified fuel and injection system, a map-controlled and water-cooled intercooler as well as an exhaust temperature regulation. As with all Abt products, great emphasis was placed on a constant and reliable performance. The result of this development is very impressive: the Abt AS8 displays its full performance in every driving situation.

The Abt AS8 combines sportiness and luxury in another way, too. The so-called Abt Level-Control (ALC) was developed especially for the standard air suspension of the Audi. By means of a newly programmed level controlling unit the ALC allows the suspension kit to be adjusted in multiple ways. Hence, the Abt AS8 can be lowered optically by up to 35 millimetres or be adjusted stiffly according to desires and requirements. As a matter of course the ALC disposes of adapted levels thus guaranteeing sufficient residual spring travel.

With regards to optics, the Abt AS8 communicates pure understatement. The designers have developed front spoiler edges and a discreet rear wing for the Audi A8. In addition, the limousine was equipped with the Abt double-twin pipe rear muffler bearing the well-known logo of the Audi-tuners from Kempten .

The sporty and elegant concept of the Abt AS8 is completed by light alloy wheels SP2 in classical five-spoke design. The one-piece aluminium 20 inch-wheels are equipped with tyres of technology partner Continental in the dimension 275/35 R20.

The Abt AS8 based on the Audi A8 with V8-supercharger and a capacity of 4.2 litres as well as quattro-drive unites the luxury of the top class limousine with the powerful sportiness of a sports car. Once again Abt Sportsline has proved their innovative power and sensitiveness for up-to-date and customer-friendly tuning.

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