ABT Volkswagen Golf

From ABT press: The fourth generation of the VW Golf is on the market around the world. This super seller from Wolfsburg was so successful that those in the automobile world now refer to the "Golf class". Hence, it is natural that the experts at Abt Sportsline gave special attention to this million seller.

Ten different light alloy wheels are available for the Golf, ranging in dimension from the 7 x 15" single-piece cast version, to the luxury three-piece wheel in the impressive 8 x 17" format. For those seeking something more prominent, the A24 model proves irresistible, with an 8.5 x 18" dimension. All wheels carry the characteristic Abt design with five spokes.

Complementing the vast array of Abt wheels are six different Abt engine tuning kits. For the 1.8-litre Turbo unit alone Abt offers three possibilities to add considerably more power to the standard 150 hp. Abt offers customers a selection of power output levels: 193, 215, or even 235 hp. The tuning experts can also improve the output of the 1.9-litre TDI and the 1.6-litre units.

Whether for the front, the rear, or the side, VW Golf owners will find the Abt body accessories functional and attractive. A front grill sporting the Abt logo, a front spoiler edge, side skirts, a rear wing and a rear apron provide a wide variety of stunning packages.

Aluminium gear lever knobs, polished or anodized, Abt door pins, pedals or a footrest contribute to the customizing of the interior, as well as floormats endorced with the Abt logo.

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