How do you spell race car backwards?

To be honest, we weren’t aware there was such as a thing as backwards racing. Seeing the video is making us think about our childhood when we (or at least I did) spent a lot of hours playing Destruction Derby. These pieces of junk-on-wheels don’t seem to be super safe, but since you can’t actually go fast in reverse, the chances of inflicting some serious injuries (other than neck pains) appear to be slim.

That being said, you’ll notice a multiple car crash around the 0:45 mark and an SUV flipping over several times before coming to a stop with the wheels facing the sky. The driver managed to get out of the wrecked car immediately and raised both of his hands as a sign that he is safe and sound.

The attached footage was recorded on July 17 during the Day of Destruction II event organized at the Beech Ridge Motor Speedway located in Scarborough, Maine. After multiple elimination rounds, only four cars make it to the final and compete in a three-race event. The winner grabs the mighty prize of $500 which probably does not even cover the damages sustained by the car. Perhaps they don’t ever bother to repair these so-called “race cars” and just buy others from the junk yard.

If you would like to participate at a Day of Destruction event, the next one will be organized on September 9 at the Beech Ridge Motor Speedway. Tickets cost $15 for adults and $5 for children aged 6-12 years, while smaller kids can enter for free.


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