The trike is available in three battery capacities.

Malta isn’t a major hub of the international EV industry, but the island’s Silex Power is launching a high-performance electric trike through a new firm called Valene Motors. The company claims even the least powerful version with 107 horsepower (80 kilowatts) can reach 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in less than 4.2 seconds. If that seems unbelievable than the flagship model would apparently have an unimaginable 810 hp (600 kW). 

Like the Morgan EV3, the Black Mamba uses two wheels up front for steering and a single, powered wheel in the back. In this case, and a hub motor provides the propulsion, and the battery sits behind the driver. Customers could order a 15 kilowatt-hour unit with an alleged 112-mile range (180 kilometers), 30 kWH to go 193 miles (310 km), or 50 kWH to go 311 miles (500 km).

Valene Motors constructs the Black Mamba’s chassis from a steel spaceframe and uses composite materials for the scant body. At 12.2 feet long (3.71 meters), the trike is foot longer than an Ariel Atom at 11.2 feet (3.41 m)

Valene Motors claims the Black Mamba is currently in the advanced prototype stage and deliveries could begin next year starting at 35,000 euros ($39,150). The electric trike might be fun, but whenever an unknown company announces a vehicle, it’s best to remain skeptical. Until the Black Mamba hits the road, we’re taking the lofty performance claims about the little vehicle with a big grain of salt.

Source: Valene Motors

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Valene Black Mamba

Malta, 29th July 2016

“Silex Power’s is proud to announce our first Electric Vehicle – the Valene Black Mamba. The project is in advanced prototype development with the objective to begin manufacturing and distribution in 2017.”

Over the past years, Silex Power has been developing a proprietary automotive platform with the intention to develop further our technologies and also introduce our first electric vehicle. This project is being unveiled today as the Valene Black Mamba, a high- performance 3-wheel sports car designed to awe.

When we started this project we had one objective – to design and build high-performance electric vehicles. Thanks to advancements in technology, we are able to bring you the Valene Black Mamba – a high-performance electric 3-wheel super car designed to be as exciting and reliable as possible. Our main objective is to bring to our customers the best that modern technology has to offer, all packaged in one exciting vehicle. The Black Mamba is a

technologically advanced vehicle in its simplicity, offering unrivalled performance, safety, looks and best of all, a truly unique driving experience.

The Valene Black Mamba is a superlight sports car aimed at performance users. The Black Mamba offers exceptional handling and traction control. Think of driving it as experiencing all the excitement of a motorbike, however with the safety and comfort that only a car can offer.


  •   Ultra-lightweight Full Electric 3-Wheel Sports Car

  •   Electric motors ranging from 80kW (107bhp) to 600kW (810bhp)

  •   Up to 500k autonomy on a single charge (with 50kWh battery pack)

  •   DC Fast Charging support, with optional HyperCharging Compatibility (AC/DC Charger


  •   Steel and aerospace aluminium chassis with optional titanium alloy elements

  •   Regenerative braking and high-performance disk brakes on each wheel

  •   Composite material body

  •   Driver identification system with keyless operation

  •   Advanced multimedia system with optional Clarion Full Digital Sound System

  •   Full-LED lighting throughout

  •   Highly Customisable

  •   Dimensions 3.71m x 1.98m x 1.10m

    The design of the Black Mamba has been engineered to be as simple as possible, so as to make the vehicle extremely reliable and maintenance free. The innovative approach is apparent immediately from its unique design. As Silex, we always study our designs carefully so as they are highly identifiable, desirable and deliver a statement on the road.

    The vehicle comes with an all-electric drive train, featuring in-hub rear wheel electric motors with powers ranging from 80kW all the way to 600kW. All the electronic components are at the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle comes with an on-board charger featuring a COMBO-2 connector, that can accept both AC and DC chargers. With battery packs available in 15kWh, 30kWh and 50kWh packages, the vehicles have an autonomy that ranges from 180km all the way up to 500km on a single charge. Thanks to our battery design, the user can fully charge the 50kWh battery pack in 1 hour using 50kW DC chargers, and the 15kWh battery pack in less than 15 minutes. The Black Mamba will also be HyperCharging compatible, with charging times under 5 minutes for all battery sizes.

    Thanks to its streamlined sleek design, the Black Mamba has been aerodynamically optimized to offer minimal air resistance, low uplift and high down-force at increasing speeds. This delivers better road holding under the high-performance driving conditions for which the car is designed. The aerodynamics of the vehicle also allow passive cooling of the battery pack and the electric motor via the vent on top of the vehicle, which draws air at high speed cooling directly the battery/electronics compartments. No fans are necessary during vehicle operation, thus increasing the overall vehicle reliability.

    Driver and passenger safety have been our priority throughout the design of the vehicle. The Black Mamba is built using strong seamless steel tubing, providing a strong protective shell for its occupants. The unique safety position places the driver and passenger legs well behind the front axle, reducing significantly the chance of injury in a frontal collision. The car was also designed with a very low centre

of gravity, so as to enhance its stability. Roll bars installed behind the seats reduce the chance of injury in the highly improbable eventuality of a rollover. Using composite materials with high elastic and memory properties, the body of the vehicle can sustain low speed impacts without any significant damage, and at the same time, the chances of shards and fragments hitting the occupants during a high speed collision is reduced drastically.

The Valene Black Mamba is a fully digital vehicle, sporting the most advanced multimedia systems to date. The car is smartphone activated with a three-tier user identification. The interface is simple and highly intuitive. The Valene Black Mamba will also be one of the first production cars to offer the Clarion Full Digital Sound System as an option. Full digital signal transfer from a digital source enables direct input of high resolution audio sources to the speakers without worrying about sound deterioration. High quality full digital sound is reproduced, with purity that’s true to the original. High efficiency conversion from digital signals into sound makes the system capable of delivering 4 times the high power output of conventional full digital systems, while achieving low power consumption that is only about 1/5th that of analogue systems. The occupants will experience exceptional sound quality whilst preserving better the energy stored in the batteries.

Silex is now accepting pre-orders for the vehicles. Pre-orders are taken via a form on the Valene Motors website. There is no commitment and no deposit at this time. When a pre-order is placed, the client will get in line to receive his Black Mamba once it is commercially available in 2017. The first 50 pre-orders will also get a free sound system upgrade to the Clarion Full Digital system, an upgrade normally worth € 3,000. Pricing for the vehicles starts from € 35,000 and depends on configuration. All pre-orders can be cancelled without any commitment. Once we are ready to start taking orders, the clients will be contacted individually, and at that time they will chose if they want to proceed with the order or not. Potential clients will also receive reserved information on pricing and configurations for the Black Mamba, so that they can better chose their ideal configuration.

Silex is also looking for international distributors. Interested parties should contact us via the appropriate form on the Valene Motors website.

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