The trike is available in three battery capacities.

Malta isn’t a major hub of the international EV industry, but the island’s Silex Power is launching a high-performance electric trike through a new firm called Valene Motors. The company claims even the least powerful version with 107 horsepower (80 kilowatts) can reach 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in less than 4.2 seconds. If that seems unbelievable than the flagship model would apparently have an unimaginable 810 hp (600 kW). 

Like the Morgan EV3, the Black Mamba uses two wheels up front for steering and a single, powered wheel in the back. In this case, and a hub motor provides the propulsion, and the battery sits behind the driver. Customers could order a 15 kilowatt-hour unit with an alleged 112-mile range (180 kilometers), 30 kWH to go 193 miles (310 km), or 50 kWH to go 311 miles (500 km).

Valene Motors constructs the Black Mamba’s chassis from a steel spaceframe and uses composite materials for the scant body. At 12.2 feet long (3.71 meters), the trike is foot longer than an Ariel Atom at 11.2 feet (3.41 m)

Valene Motors claims the Black Mamba is currently in the advanced prototype stage and deliveries could begin next year starting at 35,000 euros ($39,150). The electric trike might be fun, but whenever an unknown company announces a vehicle, it’s best to remain skeptical. Until the Black Mamba hits the road, we’re taking the lofty performance claims about the little vehicle with a big grain of salt.

Source: Valene Motors

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