Yasid Oozeear's renderings have become the stuff of legend in the automotive community, for better or worse. As far as I'm concerned, nobody uses their imagination quite like he does. Remember the Star Wars character cars? Wild, clever, and often strangely appropriate, YasidDESIGN has become the go to for jaw dropping renderings, and these latest works are prime examples of why that's the case.

Why it took so long for someone to realize that the BMW i8 is perfectly suited for NASCAR is beyond me. Somebody should have seen it much earlier, though I suppose we were all blinded by the eco-friendly and futuristic vibe. Well, nearly all of us. Yasid looked past the minimalist design, and saw a car just begging for some fat Goodyear rubber on steel wheels. All the decals on there are 100 percent appropriate, as is the wing, chopped rear, and massive front splitter. Someone most definitely needs to shove a V8 under the hood and get it on an oval in the real world.

NASCAR Needs a BMW i8 and Land Rover Defender

Equally as eye-catching, but further from reality, is Yasid's vision of a Land Rover Defender prepped for NASCAR. The Lowe's livery is a nice touch, as it stays true to the Defender's true purpose of being a utility vehicle. I'm also a big fan of the brush guard, which isn't helpful for aerodynamics, but would definitely be useful when plowing through the field. The "dolly" face on the left headlight is another interesting detail, just seems to fit the personality of the vehicle. You have to imagine it's there so that when #23 pulls out to make a pass, the driver of the car getting passed sees that creepy little face, and gets the feeling that the Defender is winking at them. Either way, the end result of these to concepts are amazing, in a weird sort of way. RELATED: See Photos of the 2018 Land Rover Defender Concept