The older the better in the case of this Stutz Bearcat.

UPDATE: When the gavel dropped at Pebble Beach 2016, this Stutz Bearcat went for $594,000 with premiums. It's one of the most expensive Stutz vehicles ever sold at auction - it should be go for even more when fully restored.

When it debuted in 1920, the Stutz Series K Bearcat cost $3,900, which is equivalent to $47,002 in 2016. Of course, you won't be picking up this example for anywhere near that amount because this is the most original Series K Bearcat known to exist, and it's going to be up for grabs at the Bonhams Quail Lodge Auction next month.

This patinated Series K Bearcat was purchased new in 1921, and had just 10,000 miles put on it before being stashed away in a garage in 1934. It sat there untouched and collecting dust for 83 years before being acquired by Wayne Carini, host of the television show Chasing Classic Cars

Carini cleaned it up, got it running, and made it the subject of the season premiere episode of his show. Later that year the car won the coveted Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance FIVA Award, and now it'll be headed back to Monterey, only this to a new owner. Bonhams will offer the car on Friday, August 19th, at the Quail Lodge Auction, and if all goes according to plan, yours truly will be there to watch the bidding go down.

I won't hazard a guess as to how much this incredibly rare and well-preserved vehicle will fetch, but it's definitely safe to say it'll be an impressive sum. It may not be as attention grabbing as the earlier Bearcats with the "monocle" windscreen, or a "White Squadron" racer replica, but it is unquestionably full of charm and character. From the original 1931 Maryland license plates, to the documents that come with the car, this Series K Bearcat is absolutely a time capsule, one that someone will be very fortunate to have in their collection. Let's hope whomever takes it home realizes that the gas pedal is mounted between the clutch and the brake pedals.


Photos: Bonhams

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