Nissan GT-R vs Dodge Viper ACR Keeps the Rivalry Alive

Similar in purpose, but differing greatly in how they go about satisfying it, the Nissan GT-R and Dodge Viper ACR have a special kind of rivalry. Perhaps it's a three letter thing, perhaps it's constantly being looked down upon by the European crowd, or perhaps it's just that they've both been cultural phenomenons since they were introduced. Whatever it is, these two cars are unquestionably linked and when they face off against each other in any setting, people get excited. The Viper ACR definitely has the advantage over the GT-R in terms of aesthetics, and functionality, but with the 2017 Nissan GT-R on the horizon, that could change. Of course, it won't be much a fair fight for final year supremacy, as the Viper ACR won't get any sweeping changes like the GT-R did. RELATED: See Photos of the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR
As we're shown in this video, the Viper ACR and its naturally-aspirated V10 mated to a manual gearbox can't hang with the GT-R, its dual-clutch automatic, and its twin-turbo V6. It's a close race, and probably wouldn't have been ever closer if the driver of the Viper ACR knew how to shift properly. Does this mean the Nissan GT-R is the better car? Hell no. I'd take the violence and absurdity of the Viper ACR over the restraint and focus of the GT-R any day. Besides, the Viper ACR goes around curves better, and that's where the true measure of a car is found, not in a straight line. RELATED: See Photos of the All-New Nissan GT-R