Celebrating the 50th anniversary of its "Rent a Racer" program, Ford released a 2016 anniversary edition.

Back in 1966, Hertz came up with the idea of renting the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 to anyone who cared to pay the rental fee. In doing so, the company changed the name to the GT350 H (for Hertz), and made it available for $17 per day, and 17 cents per mile. That was too steep for 15-year-old Leno, but times have changed, and now Leno finally gets his chance.

If you didn't already know, this was a genuine Shelby racecar, and not some neutered example made rental-worthy. It came with either a 4-speed manual or automatic transmission, and offered an incredible opportunity for regular Joes without loads of cash to get behind the wheel of an amazing car.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of its "Rent a Racer" program, Ford released a 2016 anniversary edition. You can rent this one, just like the one from the 1960s, but the price has gone up a tad. There's no charge per mile, but you will have to pay $399 per day, which likely has a whole new generation wishing their jobs paid more. This is the third time Ford has partnered with Hertz for this program. The first time was in 1966. The second time was for the 40th anniversary in 2006, and now it's going for the third time. Dig deep in your pocket and you might be able to drive a racecar for a day.

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