Watch Jay Leno Take a Tumble in a 2,500-HP Muscle Car

We're used to seeing Jay Leno drive and ride in some of the most amazing cars the market has to offer. This 2,500-horsepower Hurst Hemi Under Glass is no exception. This time, though, it's not Leno at the wheel, but legendary stunt driver Bob Riggle.

This car ruled the track as the king of wheel stands thanks to loads of horsepower and the engine placement at the rear of the car, rather than the front. It was prominently displayed under a glass fastback so you could get an eyeful of where all that power lived. Bob Riggle was the driver back then, and he happily took the wheel to give Leno a ride in this clip from Jay Leno's Garage. Except, things didn't go as planned... 

Initially, it's hard to tell if Leno is more excited to get to ride in the car or meet the man he calls his hero. Riggle talks to Leno about how the car first came to be when Hot Rod publisher Ray Brock and George Hurst of Hurst Performance had a chat one day. The car that came out of that conversation was supposed to be a race car, but when they saw it do an epic wheel stand, they quickly changed plans Riggle drove the car for years and Leno looks thrilled for the chance to ride shotgun. That turns out to be more exciting and dangerous than anyone anticipated. The first run sees a nice wheel stand, but then, well, watch and see how even the best drivers with loads of experience can have a car get the best of them.

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