Watch This Unique Vehicle Morph Into Any Car You Can Imagine

It can often be expensive and complicated to shoot video—specifically for a commercial—when a car is involved. Take into account the cost of securing the vehicle and making sure everything is perfect for filming. Thankfully, The Mill has come up with a solution in the form of its new Blackbird morphing car.

The Blackbird eliminates the need to secure a vehicle, and instead is just one vehicle that can be morphed into whatever you want digitally. It can alter its chassis to be the right length and width of pretty much any car, whether it's an off-road SUV, a compact, or a luxury sedan. 

The magic comes from CGI that adds a skin to the car that looks identical to whatever the producer had in mind. You'd never know that the car you see isn't the car that was really on set. It's a great solution to a very expensive problem with applications that extend far beyond creating exterior shots of the vehicle in motion. The Blackbird can create a 3D version of its environment using 3D laser scanning and high-dynamic range imagery. It even has an AR application to put the CGI on top of the Blackbird so users can see how the finished product will look. This morphing car took its name from the Balckbird SR-71 supersonic jet and was even handmade in the same hangar over the course of two years.