Watch Vaughn Gittin's Ford Mustang RTR Get Very Sideways at Goodwood

Every year, the quaint Goodwood Estate, located in picturesque southern England, comes alive with the smell of racing fuel, burnt rubber, and the sound of roaring engines. Oh yes, it’s the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed. 

Icons from motoring history (both human and machine) converge upon Goodwood to showcase the best the world has to offer—from brass era land speed racers to legendary Group C sports cars—with many charging up the famed Hillclimb course in search of record-setting times. These guys however, don’t. Meet the drifters. That said, they would surely win if it came down to style points. Monster Energy athletes Vaughn Gittin Jr, Luke Woodham, and Steve Biagioni each took to the famous Hillclimb course, and each got their cars plenty sideways, spewing tire smoke and bouncing off the rev-limiter. Vaughn Gittin Jr was particularly sideways in his Ford Mustang RTR drift car; check out a bit of their highlights in the clip, below. 



The trio treated the British public to plenty of enthusiastic tire smoke, courtesy of Woodham and Biagioni’s Nissan Silvia drift cars, but it was Gittin who seemingly pushed his car closer to its limits. Midway through his run, Gittin slid his Mustang into a curb, which popped off his rear bumper. It made little difference however as Gittin continued up the hill at speed, pulling the bumper along for the ride. As far as fastest hillclimb times go, that honor for 2016 goes to driver Olly Clark who muscled-out Kenny Brack’s McLaren P1 LM with a time of just 46.297 seconds in a 780-hp Subaru Impreza Time Attack car, nicknamed “Gobstopper II”.