New Lexus LC 500 Ad is an Audio Visual Feast

The upcoming Lexus LC 500 could be the car that brings the brand in from its time spent wandering the desert in search of purpose. There's plenty of the Lexus-esque wild design cues, but for the first time since becoming enamored with the 'Predator'-style grilles, the package is something easy on the eyes. Lexus has been keeping the hype-machine running at full tilt for the LC 500, and this commercial is evidence of why the brand believes it's got a winner on their hands. The 467-horsepower V8 under the hood emits noises that should give anybody with a functional pair of ears goosebumps, and the 10-speed gearbox sounds quite snappy based on that auditory evidence. RELATED: See More of the 2017 Lexus LC 500
As for the commercial itself, the visuals are nothing short of stunning. Instead of going the easy route and using CGI effects, Lexus brought in the specialists at QED Productions to work their magic. Using three, sometimes four, of the brightest projectors in the world, the crew created a seamless moving backdrop on a mountainside in Spain's Sierra Nevada range. As Paul Wigfield, director of QED Productions, says in the behind the scenes video, "I'd been dreaming of projecting onto mountains for years, and I was desperate to make it happen." The passion for the project from Wigfield and from visual artist Edgar Davey, is evident in the finished product. Hopefully Lexus continues to bring us more ads like this one, and more cars like the LC 500. RELATED: The Lexus GS F Wants to Eat You, And That's Sort of the Charm