'8 Meters' is the Ford GT-40 Documentary You Need To See

Half a century after three Ford GT-40s did the unthinkable by beating Ferrari, and the rest of the field, at Le Mans, a short documentary focusing on the wild finish of that race has hit YouTube. Produced by Kahn Media, the 25 minute short-film features a mixture of archival footage, photos, and interviews. Legendary motorsports figures like '66 Le Mans winner Chris Amon, and Ford engineer Joe Macura make appearances, as does Mario Andretti, and crew chief for the Miles/Hulme GT-40 Charles Agapiou. If Amon and Andretti are the only two names you recognize out of those four, that's ok, you'll never forget the other two after watching the film. RELATED:
Authors AJ Baime and Preston Lerner provide all the backstory for the GT-40 needed to fully comprehend what beating Ferrari at LeMans meant to Ford, while further insight is provided by Shelby American photographer Dave Friedman. Apart from Friedman's amazing photos, the best bits have to be the archival footage, particularly the stuff from Willow Springs. The primary focus of the film, however, isn't the history of a car, or even how a race was won, but rather an individual—and that individual is Ken Miles. Miles was integral in the development of the GT-40, and in addition to being a talented driver, he had a background as an engineer, which proved to be invaluable. He took victories at Daytona and Sebring with the GT-40, and had he won Le Mans, he would have done something nobody had done at that point, taken home the triple crown of endurance racing. I won't go into what happened in any further detail because you should just watch the film, but I will say this, if the same thing happened today, it would break the internet.