This monstrous Toyota Tacoma cost a bit extra to engineer—try $400,000.

Over its three generations in production, the rugged Toyota Tacoma has proven to be an excellent base for creating off-road adventure vehicles, building upon a lineage of tough Toyota pickups stretching back decades. Most are reasonably inexpensive to build, though the keyword there is “most” however. 

This monstrous Toyota Tacoma cost a bit extra to engineer—try $400,000. Then again, it did have to fend off some of the world’s harshest conditions… at the South Pole. In 2011, this Toyota Tacoma journeyed a distance of 700 miles through Antarctica to reach the South Pole, in the process setting the Guinness World Record for the fastest overland journey to the pole, set in one day, 15 hours and 54 minutes. As it happens, the pickup is now up for sale, and it will cross the auction block at Barrett-Jackson’s upcoming Northeast event.

This May Be the World’s Most Expensive Toyota Tacoma

That trip across the auction block ought to be a tad bit easier than the voyage to the South Pole. According to the listing notes, the rugged Tacoma would have had to endure temperatures as cold as -89 degrees Celsius (about -128 degrees Fahrenheit). The 2011 expedition, which reportedly took years of planning, was led by explorer Jason De Carteret, engineer Kieron Bradley, and writer Jason Thomas. The trio couldn’t have picked a much better shop to prep their Toyota Tacoma for the trip. Iceland’s Arctic Trucks—the world famous 4x4 up-fitters and the firm responsible for getting Top Gear to the North Pole—worked their magic on the Tacoma, equipping it with everything needed to tackle the polar expedition. RELATED: Check Out the All-New 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

This May Be the World’s Most Expensive Toyota Tacoma

Outside, it’s modifications are clearly evident. The double cab pickup now boasts a NATO Green vinyl wrap to protect its exterior, matched with gigantic 44-inch Mickey Thompson Icepack tires, a mammoth 330-gallon extended range fuel tank in the back, nine-ton winch mounted in the front “stinger” style bumper, as well as a full suspension overhaul, paired with air-locking ARB differentials. Inside, things are fairly standard issue, apart from the OMP WRC racing seats, Sabelt harnesses, and burly roll bar. The odometer? When this truck came up for sale early in 2015, it showed just 14,600 miles… many of which were likely spent in extreme conditions. Now the pickup shows 14,600 miles.

This May Be the World’s Most Expensive Toyota Tacoma

Under the hood, the Toyota four-wheel drive system and automatic transmission mate to a tough 4.0-liter V6, though now it’s equipped with a TRD supercharger, bumping power up to 380 hp. If it’s good enough to make it to the South Pole, it ought to be good enough to tackle your local trails… Looking to make it your own? The rugged Toyota Tacoma will sell at no reserve on June 24th. RELATED: This Two-Wheel Land Cruiser Video is Beyond Crazy Photo Credit: Barrett-Jackson

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