Take a Sneak Peek at the Upcoming, No-Nonsense Mercedes-AMG GT R

While the “GT-R” moniker may be synonymous with Nissan and its famed all-wheel drive sports cars, Germany’s Mercedes-AMG is adding a racy “R” to its latest (and likely most potent) iteration of the new GT sports car.  The result, as captured below in this new teaser, is the highly anticipated Mercedes-AMG GT R, nicknamed the #BeastoftheGreenHell in Mercedes’ latest viral marketing campaign, and aimed at trumping the likes of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS around Germany’s famed Nurburgring Nordschleife racing circuit. Little is known about the clandestine Mercedes sports car, however the secret is out on June 24. The Mercedes-AMG GT R will be unveiled at the UK’s upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed, promised to guarantee an increase in horsepower and aerodynamic downforce. Take a look. RELATED: Mercedes Brings the Epic G550 4x4² to the USA in 2017
Though no details are concrete, the “R” Mercedes is expected to slot into the AMG GT’s lineup above the 460 horsepower AMG GT and 503 hp AMG GT S, but below a future halo car, purported to be a new Mercedes “Black Series”. Styling appears to be influenced by Mercedes’ AMG GT3 race car. The standard twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter AMG built V8 keeps its place under the hood, however now with power turned significantly north. The seven-speed AMG dual clutch transmission is likely to be upgraded to handle that boost in power, and to deliver quicker shifts. Befitting its track car pedigree, expect Mercedes to slash a significant amount of weight from the standard car, which weighs 3,627 pounds, likely through the further use of carbon fiber interior and exterior elements. Depending on its track-centric severity, some auxiliary features such as audio equipment and infotainment could become optional extras. Upgraded suspension, aerodynamic, brake, tire, and cooling elements should be expected, in fact, the teaser trailer reveals a new fixed rear wing in place of the standard retractable version. As far as pricing goes, expect the GT R to demand a sizable premium over the $129,900 AMG GT S. Can’t wait for more? The Mercedes-AMG GT R comes to life on June 24th with official details to follow. RELATED: Check Out the $17 Million Cars of Fast and Furious 8